Mobile Technologies


The iPhone has been the leader in the SmartPhone applications space for quite some time now. The demand for iPhone applications has now evolved from game and consumer applications to serious business, medical, education, social media and other applications.

At GreatTechnoTycoon, we have an experienced team dedicated to iPhone application development. Our development team gets up-to-speed on the mobile initiatives of clients by closely collaborating with them to get a clear understanding of their vision, goals and business objectives for their mobile application. After this process, we recommend an iPhone application strategy and implementation plan that meets and exceeds their business objectives. Our rigorous and time-tested project life-cycle process, ensures that the iPhone application idea comes to life in the shortest possible time and makes an impact on end-users both in terms of user interface as well as performance. GreatTechnoTycoon's team of exceptional iPhone developers ensure that they build the best iPhone apps for your business.

We work with established companies as well as startups to take their app from the initial idea/strategy stage, to the iPhone application development stage, to cloud based hosting, to distribution through the App store or for Enterprise deployment. We offer a complete integrated process for developing, debugging, and distributing free, commercial, or in-house applications for iPhone and iPod touch. Our iPhone application development team offers complete development resources, real-world testing, hosting and deployment. We have in depth knowledge and experience with all iPhone development technologies including Objective C, XCode, Cocoa and the iPhone SDK. We can create native iPhone applications that look and behave identically to the applications built into the iPhone, and also provide seamless integration with other applications and services

Whether you are planning to develop iPhone applications for messaging, entertainment, education, business, medical, social networking, mobile access to enterprise systems, or news & travel info, let GreatTechnoTycoon help you achieve your mobile initiatives.