Remote DBA Services

Great Techno Tycoon has provided SQL Server services to wide sections of businesses and industries which fall in small to medium sized businesses. Our DBAs are having minimum 9 years of experience in managing SQL Server databases and they are Microsoft Certified database professionals.

Our service model is driven by our customer's requirement for ensuring their SQL Server Infrastructure and database is properly maintained, secured, onitored and supported in the most efficient and economic way. Our remote DBA service offers organizations a cost effective solution means by which to leverage professional SQL Server service without hiring a full-time DBA. If your business has handful of SQL Server Environment then you have not pay much to let the environment run smoothly because we design the support service packages as your business required.

So whatever your SQL Server environment requirements are, take comfort in and worriless that your SQL Server Information systems are being maintained and monitored by professionals; which means your system will be recoverable in case of emergency and support will be ready all the time if your systems encounter any problem.

DBA Support Services for SQL Server

As SQL DBAs, our role is to help businesses to correctly setup and configure, maintenance, performance tuning and support their Microsoft SQL Server infrastructures. Through our SQL Server remote management services we offer our clients the complete solution for managing the SQL infrastructure that can look after an extensive range of SQL Server technical support tasks including:


  • Resource Performance Analysis (memory, CPU, Disk I/O) including system baselines
  • OS and SQL patch levels
  • Page file Configuration
  • Network configuration
  • Disk Configuration and DB Distributions for Performance


  • Review of SQL Server service accounts and access
  • Review of SQL Server configuration parameters
  • SQL Server Recoverability, backup solutions and maintenance plans
  • SQL Server maintenance plans review
  • SQL Server agent tasks review and Agent error logs
  • SQL Server Alerting and notifications
  • Review of SQL Server and System event logs
  • SQL Server HA and cluster configuration (if applicable)
  • SQL Server Replication configuration (if applicable)
  • SQL Server Security Review
  • SQL Server Orphaned Logins Review
  • SQL Server Authentication Model


  • Database Recovery models, Assess Suitability For Business Requirements
  • SQL Server Database Configuration
  • System database and Tempdb Configuration
  • SQL Server Database Integrity
  • SQL Server Index Optimization tasks
  • Transaction Log Analysis


  • Identification of Exceeded Thresholds
  • Capacity planning and Growth projections
  • Recommendation for resolving performance bottlenecks
  • OS Configuration
  • Network Configuration
  • Disk Configuration
  • Database Configuration
  • Missing Index
  • Unused Indexes
  • Review of maintenance jobs
  • Review of SQL and Server Event Logs
  • OS and SQL Performance Base line
  • SQL Server Waits


  • Review of current SQL Servers
  • Review of storage system
  • Review of backup solution
  • Review SQL Server instance Workloads
  • Review of databases (OLAP vs OLTP)
  • SQL Server Security Requirements
  • SQL Server Infrastructure
  • SQL Server Licensing
  • Application/ Business Requirement

We are confident in offering clients some of the most valuable SQL Server technical support services available in the market. With our SQL Server management services for your SQL infrastructure, you can take comfort that your business is in good hands.

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